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A tattoo is an inerasable sketch or design printed on the skin by embedding a coloring material into the pores or cuts of the skin. To put it in more technical terms, it is a process of micro-pigment implantation. Many people do refer to tattoos as a process of modifying their body.

The word Tattoo has been dashed out from the Tahitian tatu or tatau, which means to mark or to strike. Japanese have their own traditional method to print tattoo designs on the skin, which they refer as irezumi (it means insertion of ink). The word Tattoo is used for non-traditional Japanese designs.

In the past decade, tattoos have become a rage all around the world and especially in North America, Japan and Europe. The new breed of tattooing artist had a big role to play in increasing the demand for tattoos. These new tattoo artists are well technically trained, well equipped with fine art training. Some of the credit should be given to the technological advancements brought in the industry of tattoo pigments and the kind of refinement performed to the equipment used for tattooing. Its all because of these reasons that today we see such great work being done by the artists that results in high quality tattoos.

Hollywood celebrities, models, pop stars many of the sports personalities have used tattoos and helped in increasing its popularity among common men and women.

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